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November 12, 2022

How to make a hot AF dating app profile that stands out

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How to make a hot AF dating app profile that stands out

But sometimes when all you’ve got is three to five photos and a twenty word bio, it can be hard to get the attention of all your fellow suitors and stand out.

Especially because this cooked pandemic means we’re all on apps swiping our little hearts out in this never-ending lockdown, hoping we might match with our soulmate . or at least the next person to bang for our upcoming hot vax summer lives. So, we’re dealing with a lot of competition.

Here’s a few hot tips from your fellow swipers, aka Hook Up listeners, about what makes someone stand out on hinge, bumble, grinder, tinder, et al.

A clear good quality photo of just you

You know what they say: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, we asked you on the Instagram, and a lot of you said straight up – you want a good clear photo of the person.

Don’t use a group photo, don’t have a weird blurry pic, don’t lead with a photo of a horse (true story), just give us your best, cutest pic of yourself where you can see your face clearly.

  • “For me, their first picture should be a clear picture of their face with no filters”
  • “A great profile picture”
  • “Nice happy photo that shows what you actually look like and aren’t all selfies or drinking shots”
  • “People who have clear photos of themselves, not all group photos or only far away”
  • “No filters (grow up)”

Say cheese and smile

Ok – as someone who doesn’t smile that much, this one surprised me. Y’all love a good, genuine, happy, fun person. If you don’t have a photo of you smiling and having a good time – grab a mate, get them to make you laugh and then take a pic and upload it to your profile ASAP.

  • “Something unattractive is no smiles, I’m not swiping for a moody looking person”
  • “Smiling, shots in nature, fun”
  • “They look like they’re having fun in their photos”
  • “A sweet smile, no arrogant topless model pics”

Turns out bios are important

Despite how shallow some dating apps can feel when you’re swiping away looking at photos, the majority of Hook Up listeners say they care more about someone’s bio. (more…)

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