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April 20, 2022

There, she describes the power of heightened sexual connection when it’s equal and reciprocal between two partners

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There, she describes the power of heightened sexual connection when it’s equal and reciprocal between two partners

Most of the sexual techniques share a common core of meditative, breathing, and physical movement exercises with your partner, combined with extended foreplay. They help you let go of your ego-needs-for example, simply wanting to be given pleasure, or wanting to make your partner experience pleasure.

While sexual techniques build and increase energy exchange and flow, the quality and level of arousal and pleasure you and your partner experience sexually depends on the extent to which you’re doing building connection and arousal in the other parts of your relationship.

I think one of the best descriptions of making love is a passage in another of Doris Lessing’s works, the allegorical novel The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five

That is, when you treat each other as equal human beings within your daily relationship, and you’re transparent about your inner life and emotions, you automatically feel more stimulation and excitement with each other. When you feel connected as equals and yet engage each other as separate, distinct individuals as well, that generates new energy and it enhances the sexual energy between the two of you.

There are many good sources of information and guidance for building heightened sexual engagement, equality, and openness in your relationship-through books, videos, and workshops

Some of the most substantial and useful include Margo Anand’s guides to Tantric practices; Kenneth Cohen’s detailed description of Qi gong sexuality; and Pepper Schwartz’s works, including building equality in relationships. (more…)

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