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Maret 29, 2022

First, be sure to clean the sex toy with warm soapy water or specialized sex toy wipes before use

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First, be sure to clean the sex toy with warm soapy water or specialized sex toy wipes before use

New to putting things inside your ass? Welcome to the world of anal play preparation. It’s not fun and it’s not always easy, but it’s an essential step to take if you want to keep things clean and avoid any nasty surprises.

Even if you’re used to anal play, there are additional steps which are advisable for prostate play, so be sure to give this a thorough read.

Cleaning your bottom

Poo comes out of your bottom, as you probably know. Do you know what’s a turn-off for the vast majority of people? Poo. So make sure that your bottom is clean before going up there – it’s not the sort of thing that you just chance.

  1. If possible, have a “clean” bowel movement which isn’t messy or runny. This will clear the way for insertion. Try to eat a healthy diet with lots of fiber, as this will keep your poops uniform and “neat”.
  2. Next, clean your asshole with a babywipe or toilet wet wipe, getting rid of any fecal matter on the outside.
  3. At this point, you may want to douche your anus to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned out inside. There many websites with tips and guides on anal douching if you’re new to it.
  4. After cleaning out your ass, you may want to have a shower to get rid of any nasty smells or bits and pieces which may have come out during this process.

Because the prostate is only 2-3 inches inside your rectum, you don’t need to go mad with the whole bum cleaning thing. Sometimes your bottom will need less cleaning than others, and other times it may just be a no-go-zone for the night.

In time, you’ll get used to knowing when you’re clean enough for prostate play. And at the end of the day, if a little bit of fecal matter does come out, it’s not the end of the world. Put a towel down and get over it – it’s only a little bit of poo.

If using fingers

If you’re attempting to reach anal orgasm by having your (or your partner’s) fingers inside your ass, you should ensure that your fingernails are trimmed and clean. (more…)

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